Who We Are.

VOSPack, Co. was founded in Guangzhou in 2010, as a firm specialized in designs and manufactures packaging for different markets: food & beverage, personal care, home care, chemical and pharmaceutical. VOSPack, Co. as a department of Foshan HL packaging factory was built in 1992, had own ISO certified. Also VOSPack, Co. created alliances with several well-established and ISO certified manufacturers, foreign and domestic, to become a leading importer/supplier in the flexible packaging industry.

What We Offer.

VOSPack, Co.’s customer base spans the globe and across the packaging spectrum, and we continually strive to surpass our past achievements and strengthen our skill set, including employing a team of employees with multilingual skills. Our experiences have helped us develop and mechanize a proprietary, innovative logistics and sales procedures (Master Logistics) that we can tailor to your needs, help you control inventory and manage shipments, and sure to save you precious time and money. Contact VOSPack, Co. today and see what we can do for you!